Administrative Bonds

Is your client (Private or Government) asking you for bail?

We handle all types of bonds so that you can meet the requirements of your contract in the shortest possible time, as a surety bond , for contests and / or bids, credit bonds and more.

Through our administrative bonds, compliance bond and more, we cover the obligations between two physical and / or moral persons:

Contests and/or Tender:

Contests and/or Tender:

We guarantee the support of the offers made by the participants in the bids or public or private competitions held, in order to determine the contractor worthy of the award of the work. We offer the seriousness of the offer presented by the contractor or guarantor, when the beneficiary makes a call for the completion of a work, service, study or supply.


We guarantee the proper use and correct application of the advance payment that the beneficiary gives to the guarantor, for the execution of the obligations stipulated in a work contract, or in its absence, the total or partial return of the same.

Bond of Compliance: 

Bond of Compliance: 

With a compliance bond , we guarantee total or partial compliance with the obligations stipulated in a work contract. This compliance bond guarantees that the company that provides a service will carry out the promised work, otherwise the contractor will validate the compliance bond .

Our compliance bond is processed online easily, quickly and at low cost . Just fill out the form to get more information about our compliance bond or some other bond.

Good Quality and/or Hidden Vices.

We guarantee the good quality, repair of hidden defects or defects of the built goods, equipment or equipment installed or sold by the Fiado to the Beneficiary, which may appear for a period of time, whether they are previously fixed or subsequently filed. upon receipt of the contracted works (minutes delivery of works). 

Credit guarantees:


We guarantee the obligations consisting of the payment of money (only applies to PEMEX, CFE and CAPUFE) Bonds between individuals or banking institutions are subject to security deposit for 100% of the amount to be secured).