Questions about the Mini Loan & Plus Loan

Top 5 most frequently asked questions

I have successfully completed my application, when can I expect it from my account?

Once you have successfully completed your application, it will reach our customer service. They then proceed to approve your application as soon as possible. How do you ensure that your application can be approved faster? Make sure you upload a valid ID document and that you have carried out the test deposit from the account number you provided, this account number must also be in your name. Once your application has been approved your loan will be on your account within 24 hours.

Note: We depend on the processing time between banks. If your application is approved on the weekend, it will only be on your account on the next working day.

What should I do if I can not repay on time?

If, due to unexpected circumstances, you can not pay your loan on or before the expiry date, we kindly request you to send an e-mail to on the due date. So you can then make an arrangement in connection with your payment. If you do not send an email, additional costs may be added to your loan.

How can I change my mobile phone number?

To change your phone number, you must click on the ” My Gandalf ” button. You can find this at the top of the website on the right. Once clicked on, you have the choice between 2 buttons: ” send pin code ” and ” I have a new phone number ”. Click on the ” I have a new telephone number ” button and enter the requested data.

Do you still experience problems with this? Please contact our customer service via email or the Live Chat.

I have not received a pin code, what now?

Have you requested a PIN code as an existing customer and have not received it? Then we kindly request you to take the following steps:

  • Switch your mobile phone off and on again. This solves the problem in 80% of cases;
  • See if the memory of your phone is not full;
  • Check that your mobile phone does not have the ” automatic block ” function on. Switch this off should it be switched on;
  • Do you have a prepaid phone? Then it is possible that your provider does not let the message pass. We kindly ask you to contact your provider.

Did you go through these steps and have you still not received a PIN code? Please contact our customer service via the Live Chat. Our customer service will then provide you with your requested PIN code after a few personal questions.

What are the costs of the external guarantor?

If you apply for a loan from Gandalf, you must choose between a personal guarantor or an external guarantor. Additional costs are associated with the external guarantor. You must pay these costs to the guarantor on or before your expiration date. 


Before you apply

Before FAQ:

Test payment of € 0.01. Why?

To guarantee the safety of your loan, we ask you to verify your bank account. This can be done very easily and quickly via the verification procedure (iDeal) during the application process. By transferring € 0.01 to us via our iDeal portal, your bank account has been verified within a few minutes. We do this verification only to check your bank account number.

A transaction between different banks takes some time. We too depend on the opening and processing times of the bank. If you would like more information about this, we advise you to contact your bank.

I am a regular customer but still receive the notification that I have to transfer € 0.01.

If you are a regular customer and want to use a different bank account number, this is of course no problem. However, it is possible that we ask you to transfer € 0.01 to us to verify your new bank account number. We only do this to check your bank account number.

How much can I borrow the first time?

With your first loan you can apply for up to € 600. It is possible that, after our credit assessment, you can borrow a lower amount than you have requested. We do this as a precaution and to protect against excessive lending.

How can I apply for a Mini Credit the first time?

You can easily make a request via the online loan calculator. Click on the “Ask now” button below. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as the request is successful.

During the application I have to make a choice between guarantees, why?

The guarantee ensures that Gandalf runs a minimum risk of the loaned amount. You can select a guarantor during the application. You can choose from a personal guarantee, ie someone from your private environment, or by using the services offered by the external guarantor. If you choose to use the external guarantor, a guaranteed price will be charged.

How does the external guarantee work?

The external party offers you the service of guarantee. If you do not have a personal guarantor, the external guarantor offers the ideal service whereby you can apply for a loan with Gandalf quickly and easily. This service runs alongside the loan at Gandalf.

Click here for more information about the external guarantor, general conditions and the associated costs.

How does the personal guarantee work?

Step 1: You must fill in your own application details.
Step 2: At the next step, the guarantor is asked to fill in his / her personal details.
Step 3: The personal guarantor sends a copy of his / her ID and a signed version of the joint and several bond agreement via e-mail. On the grounds of Section 1:88 of the Dutch Civil Code, your spouse must sign the guarantee for approval. We then process your request.

Which documents do I have to send for the personal guarantee?

  • Copy of a valid Dutch proof of identity of the guarantor (copy of a copy is not possible);
  • A bank statement from your guarantor (copy or photo). The bank statement can not be older than 3 months;
  • Signed copy of the agreement of joint and several liability.

Where do I have to send all documents for the personal guarantee?

You must send the above documents by e-mail to:

What is the difference between a Mini Loan and a Plus Loan?

A Gandalf Mini Loan is ideal when you need to borrow a small amount over a short period of time. So you can borrow up to € 1000 over 45 days. With a Gandalf Plus loan you can borrow higher amounts on a higher loan period. An amount up to € 1500 over 62 days can be borrowed with a Plus loan. More information about our products you can here find.

What is the loan period for a Gandalf Plus loan?

A Gandalf Plus loan has only one loan period , the loan period is 62 days. Payment of the loan period is done in 2 installments. The first payment must be made after 31 days. The last / second payment must be made after 62 days. If you lend € 1000, you will return € 444.97 after 31 days, after € 621.46 you will pay back after 62 days. This is a total of € 1016.43.


During your application

During FAQ:

How long does it take before I receive my money?

As soon as we have received your request, we will start working on this as soon as possible. After processing and approving your application, we proceed to the payment of your application. Once the approval has been made, you can expect your loan within 24 hours on your account. Note: We depend on the processing times between banks. Banks do not pay out on weekends. As a result, it can take longer than 24 hours if you make an application on the weekend.

My “new offer” link does not work. What now?

In this case, we kindly ask you to submit a new application for the new amount. We will then deal with this as soon as possible.

What is “My Gandalf”?

My Gandalf ” is an account function for existing customers. You can log in using the received PIN code. Functions within “My Gandalf” are:

  • See the status of your mini-loan;
  • Payment of your outstanding amount via iDeal;
  • Request a new loan even faster. The data used for your previous loan will be stored;
  • Quickly and easily change your personal information;
  • Overview of your loan history.

What is a pin code?

At your first payout at Gandalf, the system creates a ” My Gandalf “ for you, when you log in simply enter your mobile and date of birth. The system sends you a unique pin code via SMS. PAY ATTENTION! This PIN is only valid for 10 minutes.

I have not received a pin code, what now?

If you have not received a PIN code, this will be for one of the following reasons; you have a new mobile number, the text message is blocked by your provider. You can change your mobile number via the ” new mobile number ” option on your ‘ My Gandalf ‘. Is this not possible? Then you can contact our customer service via the contact form.

My pin code is not working, what now?

You can submit an application without logging in via your ” My Gandalf ” account. The system will recognize you as an existing customer.

I have to send additional information, how can I deliver this?

You can easily upload the requested documents during your loan request or mail to (as an attachment). Please pay attention to the following :

  • If the requested information is an ID document , and you wish to use an ID card, please email the front and back of your proof. TIP: Make a clear digital photo of the document and send it as an attachment via e-mail.


After your request

After your FAQ:

When do I have to pay back the mini-credit?

The repayment of your loan is done at the end of your loan period and can be done via your personal ” My Gandalf ‘ ‘ account. How you can log in to your ‘ ‘ My Gandalf ‘ ‘ account is explained before on the page. Once you have logged in to your ” My Gandalf ” account, you can easily repay your Mini Credit via the orange payment button. These will take you to an iDeal payment page where you can quickly make the payment. Have you opted for Global Finance Guarantee Management? Then there will be 2 payment buttons in your ” My Gandalf ” account. The second payment button is to pay your payment to Global Finance Guarantee Management.

After Gandalf has transferred the mini credit to your account, you will immediately receive an invoice via e-mail. In this invoice you will find an iDeal link and the payment date. Via the attached iDeal link, you can quickly and easily pay the outstanding amount at any time via internet banking. Note: If you have opted for Global Finance Guarantee Management, you will receive an invoice twice with different amounts. These invoices are from:

  1. Gandalf – for the loan amount and interest;
  2. Global Finance Guarantee Management – for the compensation for the guarantee.

How can I refund my Plus Loan?

The repayment of your Plus Loan can be done in your ” My Gandalf ” account, just like with a Mini Credit . You can pay here in installments via the orange payment buttons. Once you have paid your 1st installment, you can pay your 2nd installment.

It is also possible to repay your Plus Loan in 1 time. By repaying your loan in 1 time or faster, you pay less interest on your loan.

What is the fastest way to pay my invoice?

Via the iDeal payment buttons in your ” My Gandalf ” account or via the personal iDeal link that you can find in your invoice.

I have paid my outstanding amount on time, can I apply for a new mini-credit immediately?

Yes, that’s possible! Within a few minutes you can submit a new application via your ” My Gandalf “. Please note: If you want to request a mini credit for the first time, you must first go through the regular application process before you can access your “My Gandalf” account.

I want to pay off earlier, is that possible?

Yes, you can always redeem the mini-credit before the term has expired. You must then pay the entire agreed amount. You can pay quickly and easily via iDeal through your ” My Gandalf ” account or via the iDeal link in your invoice.

How do I transfer the outstanding amount?

You can pay at Gandalf via iDeal! You can easily transfer your outstanding amount via iDeal through your ” My Gandalf ” account or the link in your invoice. Have you lost your invoice? Do not worry, you can request your invoice via .

I have lost my invoice. Where can I find the payment details?

That is not a problem, in this case we kindly ask you to contact our customer service via the contact form . Select the subject “Request invoice” so that we can immediately see that we have to send you an invoice. You can also request your invoice yourself in your ” My Gandalf ” account.

I will receive a text message if my loan is paid

No SMS messages will be sent after the loan has been repaid. This has been replaced by an email message. However, your debit on your bank statement is also a proof of payment for you.

Do I receive an SMS as a reminder that I have to pay off my loan?

No more SMS messages are sent as a reminder for paying off the loan. This has been replaced by an email message. TIP : put the latest payment date in your diary or telephone.