Review of companies offering free loans

Free loans are already becoming a standard in the offer of non-bank loan companies. Where exactly can you get a free loan and for how much? And is the loan for USD 0 really free?

USD 1,500, but for 35 days at the Loan Machine

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The amount of USD 1,500 can be borrowed for free at Jenny. However, in this case the repayment period is slightly longer, because it is 35 days. The loan can be used by persons over 20 years of age who have a steady income and are not in arrears due to other liabilities. An entry in TLV or LUV excludes the possibility of using the loan.

USD 1,500 for 2 months in Flex Loan

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The same amount, however for a longer period you can borrow absolutely free at Flex Loan. USD 1,500 should be returned within two months in two equal installments. To use the loan, you must be of legal age, have full legal capacity and a bank account.

USD 1,500 for 61 days at MoneyMan. Although MoneyMan offers a free loan of up to USD 1,500, its offer stands out from the competition with its repayment period. The loan must be repaid within 61 days and the loan repayment is divided into two equal installments. The offer is available to everyone who is at least 18 years old, has legal capacity, is the owner of a mobile phone, bank account and email address.

Key repayment date

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In the case of free express loans, the key issue is timely repayment by the due date. In most cases, it is 30 days. Delaying by even one day will result in additional fees being charged, which in some cases can be quite large. Therefore, when deciding on a free loan, it is not worth following the advertising slogan, but common sense and choosing the loan amount to be repaid in such a short time.

Only for new customers

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It is also important that only new customers can benefit from free loans. If a customer uses a loan in the same company once again, it will be granted to him on completely different terms.