The importance of a bail of hidden defects in construction

When carrying out a work or construction, it is very important to guarantee by means of a bail of hidden defects , that there will be no faults or damages once it is delivered .

The bond of hidden defects or good quality , belongs to the category of administrative bonds , which are responsible for ensuring compliance with various types of contract, which in most cases include legal and economic obligations, arising from orders, contracts or orders shopping.

In case there is any damage to the work and as long as it is within the period established in the policy, the hidden defects bond can be validated to compensate the damage and make the corresponding repairs.

What benefits does the process of a bail of hidden defects offer?


During the construction of a work, it is important to ask the suppliers a hidden defects bond , which together with the compliance and advance payment , will ensure that the contract in question is carried out in a timely manner.

In almost all cases of construction, the bail of hidden defects is issued for one year, from the date on which the work is delivered. In the case of supply services, this type of bond normally has a validity of 18 months, from the day the order is delivered.

Administrative Bonds


Compliance: Ensures that the company that provides a service performs the work according to the established.

Advance: It guarantees the good use of the money that is delivered in advance for the realization of a work.

Good Quality or Hidden Vices: Ensures the good quality of the built goods and indemnifies in case of damage.

Competitions and / or Bidding: They guarantee the support of the offers made by those who participate in contests and bids.

Credit: Ensures that the consistent obligations in the payment of money before CFE, CAPUFE and PEMEX are carried out.

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