What you need to know to ask for an online loan



Asking for a loan sounds complicated, paper-loaded and with a lot of obstacles to overcome. You’re not wrong, until you meet . My online loan is totally online. You do not have to come, or bring anything, or explain much. The idea is to solve your lack of money in the shortest possible time, with the best conditions. For that I tell you what, how and how much of the little plate that you can ask for. This is what you need to know to ask for a loan from me:

A of agil – How to order the loan online:
Enter the website or download the application on your phone (entering the Play Store). Complete the fields that I need to know you and be able to analyze your order. If you want to do faster, register with your or (gmail) so you can get some data from there and do not get bored completing them. Within your account, click on “I want a loan”. I will respond immediately if your application was approved and what is the amount. You only have to complete your to credit the money in your bank. If you do it before 5pm, you receive it that same day. If not, the next business day.

B of good – How much can you ask me:
You can order up to $ 20,000 and return it in 3 installments. If this is your first time, the system will indicate the amount you have approved once you complete your information and click on “I want a loan”. If you pay according to the treatment we did, you will always be able to count on me again. The more I know you, the more money I can lend you and the less I charge you. If you have already asked, enter your account and look at the specific conditions for you.

If for some reason you were rejected, you can try again in 30 days. Rejections occur when there was some inconvenience in the credit check, which may or may not improve or be updated in that period so you can apply for a loan online with me.

C of copado – How much and how do you have to return:
When you apply for loans online , you will be able to see -according to the approved amount- how much you have to repay, without hidden expenses. This cost may vary and is composed of the commission for the use of the platform and VAT. On the day of expiration, I will debit you the money from the bank account where I credited the online loan . If you want to pay by other means, you will have to contact me.

D of “Give me now!” – The requirements:
You must be over 18 years old, have some type of income and a bank account in your name, that does not correspond to a social plan. I will also ask you for the photo of your ID.