‘A League Of Their Own’ Writer Has No Interest In Watching Upcoming Series


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A league apart is something of a Hollywood success story; in 1992, a dramatization centered on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL), a professional women’s baseball league that existed in the United States from 1943 to 1954, did not exactly compete for the first place of the “most wanted”. in the minds of producers.

Fast forward to now, however, and it’s remembered as a critical and commercial success by Golden Globe-nominated director Penny Marshall, as well as the film that Tom Hanks says launched her career.

And the legacy of the historic sports drama is far from over, with Amazon committing to distribute an all-new TV series of the same name, telling all-new stories born from the heart of the AAGPBL.

But not everyone will be tuning in to the show, and that includes Lowell Ganz, who wrote the script for the original film, and who opened up about the complicated feelings he had over the news of the reboot. The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’m not talking about a place of resentment. I’m just talking about a place where, I doubt I’ll watch it because it will feel too weird. I can’t imagine that I will enjoy the experience. I did not watch the Kinship series either, and I’m sure it was very good because everyone said it was very good. But [to me,] these characters are mine.

In an industry that has a curious relationship with reboots and remakes, A league apart seems like one of the most welcome reboots we’ve been teased with; seeming to capture the ethos of the original movie and the organization it’s based on, but also be careful not to do the same things as the movie, no matter how successful it was. Additionally, the TV series format opens up a new paradigm for these stories that the film could not have explored.

A league apart releases on Amazon Prime Video on August 12.


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