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Pune, 24th September 2022: Master shadow puppeteer Gunduraju believes that more than help and help from the government, people’s support and love has helped keep the traditional art of shadow theater alive shadows.

Gunduraju, a native of Hassan district in Karnataka, made the remarks after performing the show “Samudra Manthan” at the opening of “The Infinite Library”, which redefines the concept of libraries using virtual reality, at Ja Base, opposite SNDT in Kothrud.

The Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan has released an “Infinite Library”, a virtual reality (VR) installation, which offers visitors a multi-sensory experience through storytelling, giving them an idea of ​​future libraries. We can discover this futuristic concept absolutely free until September 30th. However, pre-registration is required through the Ticket Khidkee website.

Housed in a cave, the project houses an extensive VR library – which is the central element and visitors will also be able to experience elements like QR code game, holograms, 3D printed objects, audiovisual works.

Miriam Bruns, Director, Goethe-Institut/MaxMueller Bhavan, Pune, Aarushi Khanna, Project Manager, Max-Mueller Bhawan, Delhi, Amruta Nemivant, Senior Program Director, Goethe Institut/MaxMueller Bhawan, Bombay, and Amelie Weigel, Director, Alliance Française, Pune was present on the occasion.

“Mine is the ninth generation of my family, which practices this art (shadow theatre). I present traditional and folk stories as well as awareness campaigns related to AIDS and malaria. My son and my grandson also practice the art and there are very few groups left now that have kept the art alive,” Gunduraju said.

Meanwhile, Aarushi Khanna said that this “Infinite Library” concept is a traveling installation and was initiated by MaxMuller Bhawan, New Delhi.

“We presented it in India and abroad. We plan to showcase this project in other Indian cities, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the near future,” Khanna added.


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