Iron Man Writer Threatens To End Popular Marvel Character Over Bullying Issue


The Marvel comics author has shared a parenting technique to stop his son from being bullied that’s going viral.

Christopher Cantwell co-wrote comics for Doctor Doom and Iron Man as well as the TV show Stop and catch fire. On Twitter, Cantwell often shares her love for comic books and superheroes.

But on Tuesday he decided to to share some advice he gave his son who was dealing with a bully in kindergarten. Using his cool job as leverage, Cantwell told his son to tell the bully he had the power to determine Iron Man’s fate.

“A kid in my son’s preschool bragged about reading Marvel Comics, but he also pushed my son off the top of the slide, so I told my son to tell him that if it happens reproduced, I would kill Iron Man in the next question and have him say while he’s dying ‘It’s because of Ryan'”, Cantwell tweeted.

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The comic book author’s tweet resonated with parents around the world, racking up more than 60,000 likes.

Commenters found Cantwell’s idea of ​​dealing with bullies amusing and shared their own adaptations of “it’s because of Ryan.”

“Damn…that blows up the ‘My dad can beat your dad’ line we had to our tormentors at the time,” Lizzie wrote.

“With great power comes…the ability to strike fear into the hearts of bullies!” a said the Twitter user.

“I mean wouldn’t be Tony’s dumbest death,” another user wrote.

Cantwell followed his tweet assuring fans that while the thought is tempting, he won’t kill Iron Man in the name of a preschooler named Ryan.

“Obviously I have the power to do this and no message will be relayed as much as I am tempted to indulge in racketeering with children’s imaginations,” Cantwell tweeted.

Famous parents have already shared their advice with their children facing bullies. Mila Kunis has told her daughter to get revenge, although the advice doesn’t seem to stick.

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