‘Prison Break’ writer and producer Zack Estrin dies at 51


Well-known writer and producer Zack Estrin has been confirmed dead at the age of 51. Zack was best known for his roles and executive producer and showrunner of lost in space as well as screenwriter and co-producer of Prison Break.

At 51, Zack Estrin was believed to be in good health at the time of his sudden passing. What happened to this TV talent resulting in his sudden passing? Is the cause of his death known? Keep reading for details on the Prison Break sudden and unexpected death of the writer and producer.

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Zack Estrin died at 51: is the cause of death known?

Deadline Senior writer-producer Zack Estrin died suddenly on September 23 in Hermosa Beach at the age of 51. He is believed to be in perfect health, his cause of death is suspected to involve cardiac arrest which caused him to collapse while jogging on the beach. With his autopsy still ongoing, his cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

The family of the late screenwriter and producer released a statement following his passing:

“Zack Estrin was everything to us. The best husband, father, son and friend. He liked to make everyone happy. He liked to make everyone laugh. He loved being a writer/producer and helping to create these shows that people liked. But above all, he loved his family and friends. Thank you all for being a part of his life and ours.

Rest in peace, Zack Estrin.

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