Road Dogg admits he quit editor role for booking former world champion


Although he’s now back in the business, Road Dogg explained why he left his role as WWE Editor-in-Chief a few years ago.

Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James was recently rehired as Senior Vice President of WWE Live Events, replacing Jeff Jarrett in that role. In the past, however, the former D-Generation X man served as the company’s editor, although he left the gig after WrestleMania 35.

He has now revealed why, exactly, he decided to quit the role. Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling Wrestling Outlaws ShowThe multiple-time tag team champion said WWE Champion Kofi Kingston’s post-‘Mania 35 booking was his reason for giving up the key role:

“This is [Kingston defending the title the night after winning it] one of the reasons I left. It was one of the reasons. There were several. This creative decision was part of it.

Road Dogg expanded on this statement, adding that some fans might not consider Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan world championship material, due to their size:

“I think there’s something to that, especially if you’re talking about a layman. If you’re talking about the guy in the black t-shirt who listens to AEW, he doesn’t care, but real people say, ‘That guy? I would kill that guy.”

Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins’ title unification match on Raw after WrestleMania 35 ultimately ended in a disqualification victory for Kingston, meaning he retained the WWE Championship and Rollins remained the universal champion. Subsequent televised defenses against Daniel Bryan and a trio against AJ Styles and Sami Zayn followed.

The New Day man was finally dethroned from the WWE Championship after 180 days, losing to Brock Lesnar in just seven seconds on FOX’s SmackDown debut in October 2019.

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