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LARKANA: Larkana scholars praised short-story writer Sikandar Abbasi at the launch of his latest book Kachi nind ja khuwab (Dreams of Restless Sleep) at the Pakistan Arts Council and said his stories are rooted in society and had an appeal that touched the heart.

A galaxy of writers performed the book launch at the ceremony held under the auspices of the Adabi Stupa Forum here the other day.

Akhtar Janveri, a veteran short-story writer and former DIG who chaired the program, said Sindh was a land of fertile minds and its writers would continue to produce quality literature.

He said it was wrong to say that New Sindhi was dead. Contrary to this, short story was very flourishing in Sindhi literature and top writers like Abbasi and others were writing it. The themes of his stories were rooted in society and they appealed to the heart, he said.

Mohammad Ali Pathan, a prominent short story writer who had written 26 books, said Abbasi had a special trait for writing short stories. Reading his stories felt like a play or drama was being re-enacted before his eyes, he says.

This could be because he (the author) was a seasoned playwright who had written hundreds of plays in Urdu and Sindhi for different TV channels, he said, adding that Abbasi’s stories had a dramatic tinge created by a particular style of diction.

Rafia Bukhari, an English poet, said Abbasi had multiple identities. He was a fiction writer, television playwright, columnist and poet. Her language was poetic, which is apparent from her short stories, she said.

Roshan Shaikh of Khairpur Mir’s said the stories are like a mirror to society and awaken people to the realities of life.

Akhtar Piya said Abbasi was a juggling writer who captivated his readers with his compelling writings.

Dr Ahsan Danish said Abbasi was his contemporary. He had achieved love and respect through his contribution to literature, he said.

Professor Ibrahim Lashari gave an introduction by Abbasi and said that five of his books have been published, he has written about 2,000 columns for different newspapers, 60 short stories, one short story and more than 300 television plays, the radio and the stage.

Abbasi, the writer, said that it is true that his short stories were greatly influenced by the writing practice he had for writing dramas, that is why many short stories were developed into dramas and then were broadcast by various television channels.

Professor Malhar Sindhi, chairman of the arts council’s literary department, said Abbasi’s stories were a reflection of society.

Prof. Jahangir Abbasi, Prof. Abdul Fatah Suprio, Mumtaz Lohar and Zulfikar Wahid also spoke at the ceremony.

Posted in Dawn, November 4, 2022


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