The Rings Of Power finale screenwriter cried while writing this Harfoot goodbye scene [Exclusive]


In a recent exclusive interview, /Film’s Jenna Busch spoke to “The Rings of Power” (and “Breaking Bad””Better Call Saul”) final screenwriter Gennifer Hutchinson about her thought process while sitting down to write this heartbreaking goodbye sequence between the adorable harfoots. Even before that moment, the finale saw Sadoc tragically exit trying to save his friends, though he was at least given one last sunrise to watch before he died. With the threat taken care of and Nori gone to figure out her next steps, every viewer probably knew what was coming next – yet another heartbreaking moment as the harfoots said goodbye to one of their own. Asked about her own emotional state while writing this episode, Hutchinson replied:

“It’s funny you say that, because Nori’s goodbye, when she says goodbye to her family and Poppy, I cried when I wrote that scene, and I cried every time I revised it. So no, I couldn’t get out of it without crying.”

As much as actors and directors deserve the credit they receive, television writers are often the unsung heroes (much like harfoots, actually!) who fly under the radar despite spending the most time with these characters. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that writing such an emotionally charged scene takes its toll, even during the review phase. The mark of an effective story is one that moves people to tears – writers and viewers.

Check out the full interview here.


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