Ventriloquist records holiday video to spread joy



LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – A man from Lincoln hopes to bring joy to people during this time of loneliness and isolation. He does this through a special vacation video coupled with a unique talent.

Roger Fisher is a trained dentist, but he’s now adding the ventriloquist to his resume. Fisher was inspired to take a class last year after seeing many America’s Got Talent candidates ventriloquist. And now he’s turned that hobby into a vacation special, for those struggling in nursing homes, assisted living centers, and hospitals.

“With the way the world is, there are no artists who can walk through the doors of any establishment,” said Roger Fisher. “I was thinking… you know puppets can go through doors if I make a video.”

Fisher has two puppets, Teddy and Mary. They are featured in a special vacation video that you can watch here. It’s on Youtube and can share it for free. It’s 18 minutes, and there are songs, jokes, and vacation stories.

“It doesn’t really speak to the current situation we find ourselves in because I wanted it to be happy,” Fisher said.

Fisher adds that he wants people to feel happy and joyful while watching him, and that he can reach as many people as possible. Schools and churches have also contacted him, and he said anyone can use the video.

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