Werewolf by Night Writer Says Marvel Bosses Chose Which Monsters To Use


night werewolf was the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first foray into horror, paying homage to classic horror movies of yesteryear while putting things in the classic Marvel spin. The hour-long special also featured the MCU debut of the macabre Man-Thing, a fan-favorite character who has been hinted at in two other Marvel projects. While the project was written in part by Heather Quinn, the writer says Marvel largely chose which monsters the special could use.

In a new chat with ColliderQuinn admits the choice to use Man-Thing came from Marvel executives rather than the script she helped develop.

“It was kind of a Marvel decision in that you can’t always tell Marvel who you want in their amazing character encyclopedia and then do whatever you want,” Quinn told the website. “It’s not exactly how it happens, but we knew. Yeah, I get it. It’s such a process of how it happened. Yeah, I guess it became a Marvel thing.”

Still, Quinn says she and Michael Giacchino were thrilled that Marvel wanted them to use Man-Thing in the script.

“As soon as we knew it was an option, we were thrilled. And then you run with it to earn it. You know what I mean? If you become the person who introduces a character like Man-Thing to the MCU, you kind of win that the story is good enough, that it justifies it,” Quinn added. “I think one of the things they do well is you don’t just add cool characters just to shock or just to intrigue. It should be emotional. You don’t just want to see…You want care, you want to be attached, you want to be all of those things. But once we knew we could, we were thrilled and excited.

Since Werewolf by Night did not receive a theatrical release, the “special presentation,” as Marvel Studios calls it, was bundled with the rest of the outfit’s produced TV shows for Disney+. As such, night werewolf is available to watch exclusively on Disney+ and nowhere else.


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