As a writer, my goal is to encourage people: Haarsh Limbachiyaa


Screenwriter, TV producer and host Haarsh Limbachiyaa thinks multitasking is the way to be

Screenwriter, TV producer and host Haarsh Limbachiyaa thinks multitasking is the way to go.

“I enjoy every moment of my various professional stints. Dabbling in different avatars keeps me on my toes and all optimistic. In life, I have always set myself realistic goals and that is more the reason I am able to give the best of myself”, explains the author of reality tv. Bachao humorous evenings and Live comedy nights.

Limbachiyaa adds that being a writer has always helped him in his actions. “Sometimes when you’re writing for other people, it becomes difficult to get actors or anchors to project your writing — the way you visualize it. But, when you have to face the camera yourself and present this number, you know very well what the writer thinks about it! Jo ek time pe sikhate thhe woh sab khud kar ke maza toh ayega hi, (laughs),” he says.

When asked if gory tales are a part of almost every reality show, he replied, “I’ve been a big part of reality TV for a long time, so trust me, nothing is made up or scripted about it. concerns the lives of the participants. We live in a developing country where television is an important part of everyday entertainment and its reach is undeniable. As a writer, my goal has always been to encourage people sitting at home, struggling in their daily lives, that if that certain person can reach on a platform like this, why can’t- they don’t! So, these stories are shared to motivate many people like them to never give up in life instead of depressing viewers or gaining TRP.

Currently, lyricist of the film Malang’s main song and dialogue writer of the biopic PM Narendra Modi, Limbachiyaa is seen hosting an alternate reality with his better half and comedic artist Bharti Singh.

“Hunarbaaz: Desh ki Shaan is our second release as co-hosts and we are both thoroughly enjoying it. As Bharti is expecting our first child and I am starting to be with her, I could ask for more. Together it’s less work and more fun because it’s ek sahktishali partner sath ho toh saare darr khatam aur life mast (smile)!”

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