George Lucas’ approach to storytelling detailed by Star Wars screenwriter


Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan talks about George Lucas’ approach to storytelling, revealing that he would pursue the best script possible.

Legendary star wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan talks about George Lucas’ approach to storytelling. After writing the script for The Raiders of the Lost ArkKasdan came to work on the star wars franchise by co-writing the screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back with the late Leigh Brackett, based on the story Lucas developed. He would later return to work directly with Lucas on the script for Return of the Jedi.

In 2012, Lucas sold his production company Lucasfilm – along with the rights to the star wars franchise – to Disney in a record deal worth more than $4 billion. Seeking to capitalize on their acquisition, Disney quickly put the sequel trilogy into production, and Kasdan was tapped to help with the script. the force awakens with JJ Abrams and Michael Arndt. Lucas himself was asked to consult on the project, but instead chose to distance himself from the sequel trilogy as he felt he would be more of a hindrance to no longer directly controlling the creation.


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Most recently, Kasdan directed the new Disney+ docu-series Light & Magicand during a promotional interview with Reverse, he talks about what it was like to work with Lucas during the early years of Lucasfilm. Suggesting his approach to storytelling hasn’t been affected by budgetary concerns, Kasdan says Lucas’ approach to storytelling would be similar to that of another iconic director. Check out his full comments below:

When I started making the big movies, I had George guiding the ship. His imperative was to do the best thing you could think of. Akira Kurosawa, who is my favorite director, used to say when he wrote, “What’s the best thing that can happen next? George is from this school.

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As the star wars As the franchise continues to grow with a full lineup of streaming TV shows and plans for more movies, fans and filmmakers often wonder how Lucas himself would approach the sequel to his most famous story. While the public is ready to revel in more originality star wars content that had never been produced under his direct tenure, some parts of the fandom are concerned about a potential “watering down” of his original vision for the franchise. Like the inclusion of Mods in Boba Fett’s Book proven, the fandom would be quick to rally against any inclusion at star wars traditions they felt were incompatible with the original Lucas films. However, Kasdan’s comments show that Lucas has always been interested in pursuing the best story possible, and that sometimes leads to unexpected places.

Of course, Lucasfilm still has the advantage of working with several creatives and storytellers who have their own experience working directly alongside Lucas. In addition to franchise veterans like Kasdan, other voices such as Dave Filoni are familiar with Lucas’ creative process and storytelling mindset. While the future of star wars will continue to feature the contributions of countless new filmmakers, it’s probably more important than ever for Lucasfilm to honor the visionary approach of the franchise’s original creator.

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