Gotham introduces the Ventriloquist and Scarface to Penguin and Nygma in exclusive clip



Gotham Sadly, there are only a handful of episodes left before floating around in this exploding Batcave in the sky, although I guess it depends on the size of those hands. A pair of small and dangerous will appear in “Nothing’s Shocking” via Scarface and The Ventriloquist, the latter of which bears a strong resemblance to Arthur Penn. Check out their intro below, which also features some masterfully arched dialogues between Penguin and Nygma.

Just a few months ago Gotham Fans were disappointed to learn that the shortened Season 5 meant certain elements of the story would end up on the chopping block, like giving Scarface a run on prime-time TV. But because Fox gave the comic book drama a few more episodes, the writers were able to fit the killer dummy into the villain-filled final round.

Sadly, we don’t see Scarface going ballistic on anyone in the clip above (although it was great to see Nygma let off steam while yelling at Penguin). We don’t learn much at all about your old Mr. Scarface, other than the fact that he definitely has some sort of mental hold over the formerly deceased Penguin accountant.

But where does Scarface come from? Was he present every time Arthur found himself in the land of the living, however it turned out? Or did the model somehow call Arthur to find him and take him to Penguin? Whatever the scenario, something alien has already happened on Gotham, so anything is possible.

Just look at this lousy mug.

scarface mannequin gotham season 5

Penguin goes through a series of emotions during this clip, from happy to aggravated to confused to frustrated, while Nygma is only on the verge of annoyance. He’s not happy having to do all of the submarine-related stuff on his own, nor is he so happy with Penguin in any other way.

So once a seemingly resurrected Penguin associate walks into the room claiming he’s being guided by the actions of a ventriloquist dummy, what other response could Nygma possibly show beyond exasperated sarcasm? Looks like Riddler and Scarface would get along like gangbusters, but Riddler is currently out of sight. Cory Michael Smith’s chops have already earned him a Gotham follow-up project, and hopefully he’ll fully unleash the beast before the season ends.

What will happen to Penguin now that Arthur is back with a new friend? Will the two villains collide in a physical brawl, or will things be more amicable, with the two agreeing to coexist within the shit-torn Gotham City? Option Three: What if it is revealed that Scarface is the REAL human and that Arthur Penn (or whoever it is) is the real dummy?

gif raising penguin eyebrows

I would also be interested to see a model of Jérémie. Or in Jeremiah’s chemically burnt body used as a dummy. This second would be a lot rougher to maneuver, however.

Thinking of something else entirely, know that Gotham Airs Thursdays on Fox at 8 p.m. ET, with “Nothing’s Shocking” airing tonight, February 28.



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