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When Mr. Cummings made his first radio appearance after assuming the presidency of the Collaborating Political Parties, a conglomerate of the country’s four major opposition political parties, it was expected to give the opposition a new lease of life; to give new direction to the ever-growing struggle for a more accountable and transparent government; renew the hopes of suffering Liberians through a policy of change, etc. This task, Mr Cummings deliberately eloquent with precision and political maturity – once again showing his dexterity in implementing his and the Liberian opposition’s views on governance – the nation has been awakened to the reality that it would never be business as usual.

Through Mulbah Kesselly, Contributing Writer

The Alternative National Congress political leader, while providing his personal and institutional perspectives on dominant national concerns, did not hesitate to call a spade; he not only spoke as the main opposition political figure in Liberia, he spoke as the father of the state, taking into consideration the views of the opposition community, but also considering members of the ruling party who have lost faith in the rogue regime led by the football president; a man in whose hands they have placed so ignorantly their hopes for a nation that will respect their rights to a better and improved standard of living. In doing so, he obviously pulled the strings on both sides, projecting Liberia beyond our individual aspirations and challenges and encapsulating our collective dreams for a better nation. Mr. Cummings placed ‘Liberia First’.

Hours after he left the radio, a malicious and frontal slander of his radio appearance was made by Isaac Jackson, the edema puppeteer whose story is so well marked by the crook and hudwink of the highest bidder. . Jackson has failed terribly in attempting to question Mr. Cummings’ use of practical means the government can use to alleviate the suffering of Liberian citizens in a crumbling economy, he writes, among other things: “When it was announced that Current PPC Chairman Alex Cummings would be hosted on a popular talk show amid the overhaul budget fiasco, the overwhelming expectation was that the country would have been treated to a period of soul-searching and thoughtful deliberation.

In that aforementioned lament, Jackson sadly equates a national political speech with a preaching ceremony where the preacher is supposed to preach until the manna falls from the sky to feed the starving people who suffer the consequences of reckless and irresponsible government. In Jackson’s “diplomatic isolation”, he sat down in front of his device wishing to “be treated at a time of soul-searching.” Like in a religious ceremony that would show the devil in his womb to such an extent that he would collapse and denounce his evil deeds. But Jackson needs to be quickly reminded that the nation does not need empty, ineffective rhetoric to make citizens realize they are hungry in New Kru Town, Point Four, West Point, etc. Our people in Nimba, Sinoe, Grand Kru, Maryland and the remaining political subdivisions of our homeland do not need soul-searching to realize that while they starve, Mr. Weah lives wildly and acquires questionable wealth. There is no need for soul-searching among ordinary citizens who are simply the victims of bad decisions made by a reckless president, with an endorsed legislature giving him full support. It is people like Jackson and others who have used their positions in government to line their pockets and navigate their way around different government entities in need of urgent soul-searching. Those plagued by greed, insincerity, corruption and recklessness in public office are the ones in need of soul-searching.

Mr Cummings briefly discussed the economy and exposed the mismanagement by President Weah and his governing clique of the nation. But Jackson again boldly writes: “Frustratingly, instead of Cummings focusing his attention on the critical issue at hand of the disappearance of transparency in government, he continued to defend Dillon’s disrespectful comments against his. colleagues in the Senate; even at that, Cummings’ performance was woefully pathetic. He appealed to emotions rather than reason, and turned out to have been neither so informed nor so ready for Liberian politics! Here again, Isaac Jackson is blinded by the fact that Alex Cummings questioned this regime and continually beat George Weah’s back for being transparent, accountable and accountable in carrying out the assigned duties of the office he occupies. Jackson did not realize, or in his overzealous desire to appear as making serious points about the current state of political affairs in Liberia, that he is a victim of the Imperial Presidency which Mr. Cummings continually fights.

Jackson speaks of the CPP chairman appealing to “emotions rather than reason.” But for Jackson, no reasoning is a reason until someone starts an all-out war for him to get his diplomatic passport, or destabilizes the country for the benefit of a few people. Jackson must be reminded that this opposition recognizes the lack of seriousness of the president of football, but respects the constitutional decision taken by the majority of the voters during the conduct of the 2017 elections. The only opportunity that Alex Cummings will fully exploit is one that would overthrow democratically the government of George Weah.



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