Provincetown community television producer selected for International Film Festival



PROVINCETOWN – A volunteer producer from Provincetown Community Television (PTV) has been selected to participate in the 100 Second International Film Festival.

Tracy Kachtick Anders tells the story of her journey with her 15 year old son, Wyatt, diagnosed with Down syndrome in the short film “Love”.

Like many people with Down syndrome and other disabilities, Wyatt has experienced many triumphs and setbacks in his life. However, the only constant in her life has been the unconditional love of her mother, Tracy.

“When I look at my son Wyatt and think about everything we’ve been through together that no one else can really understand, I feel like I could write poetry all day or make 20,000 movies. on him, “Kachtick-Anders said.

Kachtick-Anders produced the film at PTV as part of a workshop at the facility.

“Almost ten years ago I did one of these vision boards and put the word ‘Showtime’ in it because I had this fantasy that I would be a documentary filmmaker. Seven, eight, ten kids later, I realized that I would never catch up with everyone who has more skills, who are more tech savvy, and who have more resources and time. But when I saw that PTV was offering filmmaking classes and a chance to participate in the 100-Second Film Festival, I thought I could fit that into my busy life, ”she said.

The 100-Second Film Festival was launched in 2005 in Lowell, Massachusetts. The festival features creative work including films, animations and videos that are 100 seconds or less in length.

A screening of “Love” will take place on Saturday, October 27 at 7:30 pm at Oak Ames Memorial Hall in North Easton. PTV is planning a screening in Provincetown later this fall.

By TIM DUNN, News Center



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