Sawai Bhatt, a puppeteer from Rajasthan participates in Indian Idol 2020; impress the judges with his voice



Sawai Bhatt, a puppeteer from Gachhipura, Nagaur, Rajasthan, is expected to be seen in the next season of Indian Idol. He and his father, who is also a singer, run a puppet show for a living.

Sawai, originally from Rajasthan, the land of rich culture and heritage, has always dreamed of advancing his passion for singing. But her family’s financial conditions were a barrier. But this time, he decided to take a leap of faith and give his passion a real chance and that’s what got him involved in Indian Idol 2020. Although he has no formal training in music , but he wishes to learn music and leave a mark with his talent.

All three judges marveled at his performance and complimented him saying, “After Salman and Sunny you have the potential to be the voice of the nation and we are happy to have talent like you on our platform. They also believed her voice carried them into the rich musical culture and flavor of Rajasthan and brought them closer together for everyone to cherish.

Hearing this, Sawai exclaimed, “My friends were very encouraging and always pushed me to start singing and this time around they learned about the auditions and they are happening digitally. They helped me to start singing. make a video and upload it When I was selected to play in front of the judges, I was extremely thrilled.



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