Wedding Writer Stefan Golaszewski on Sean Bean and Nicola Walker’s Drama


Stefan Golaszewski is the writer, creator, director and executive producer of Marriage, and he has explained his intentions behind the polarizing BBC One drama.

The writer has already had a lot of success with his drama Mum on BBC Two, but Marriage – shown to a wider audience on BBC One – is dividing viewers (although, it should be noted, it was critically acclaimed – ED! among them).

Some called it boring and devoid of any action. But they missed the point…

Stefan Golaszewski wrote and directed the show. (BBC)

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The wedding writer explains the drama

While many viewers were excited about the new BBC drama starring popular actors Sean Bean and Nicola Walker, many complained that the series was boring and uncomfortable.

Explaining the premise of Marriage, Stefan shared, “Marriage is a show about a couple and how they go through things together. I guess I’m trying to write about what it’s like to be a person instead of what it’s like on TV or in fiction.

“People find it difficult and they don’t really know how they feel. They think they feel one thing but often feel something else.

Many people complained about the silence, but that was the most important, with Stefan explaining the couple Ian and Emma: “They often don’t know what to say to each other, which seems to be a more truthful representation of what it is. than to be a person.

Sean Bean as Ian kisses Nicola Walker as Emma
Sean Bean and Nicola Walker star in the new BBC drama (Credit: BBC)

Wedding Backlash – viewers call the show “dull and boring”

One of the most common complaints about the wedding is the lack of plot, with one viewer summing up the complaints on Twitter: “How can a show with Sean Bean and Nicola Walker be so dull and boring??? Wait till something actually happens.

Still, Stefan intended to write more realistic, character-driven drama: “In the show, that’s what I try to do: connect with the audience about what it’s all about. than to be [Ian and Emma] and live their lives in a minute-by-minute way as opposed to a broad, plotting way.

“Digging into the minute and the little moments to find the dramas and tensions in the way we as people live our lives – moment by moment. We don’t live life like big storms, rather it’s like a constant drizzle, and that’s what the show explores.

Nicola Walker (left) as Emma and Sean Bean (right) as Ian
The wedding has divided viewers (Credit: BBC)

One of the viewers who “got it” commented, “I can’t believe people say this is boring, this is awesome! All the unsaid things in families all the time – it leaves us to do the work while thinking about the mundane.

Stefan remarked that the show is very detail-oriented, with every awkward moment and silence being a deliberate decision: “I think it’s very important for this type of writing that what we shoot is absolutely what I want. ‘wrote in “uh” or “uh”. ‘, ‘oui’ or ‘oui’.

“Without this specificity, when I go into editing, I’m not able to tell the same story. When your storylines are as minimal as these and based on such small shifts in emotion or mood, you need to have the absolute tools to tell that story.

Wedding set - Nicola Walker (left) and STefan Golaszewski (right)
Stefan Golaszewski and Nicola Walker filming the show. (BBC)

What the Marriage author wants audiences to take away from the drama

Stefan Golaszewski explained what he wanted audiences to take away from the drama amid the backlash: “I hope audiences connect with it and feel that it reflects what it is to be them and that it reflects warmth, humor and shared vision of the world. that you have in a relationship.

“The shared moments and joys, but the potential for frustration and the impossibilities of it. When people get married, they make the totally impossible promise of being happy together for the rest of their lives, and no one can. do, but everyone tries.

“That’s what makes it a beautiful thing. In a marriage, you spend all day trying to make this thing work that really shouldn’t work. It’s impossible to live with one person all day every day for the rest of your life, but you try because you love yourself and it’s worth it and worth trying.

The wedding continues this Sunday, August 21 at 9 p.m. on BBC One. The fourth and final episode will air on Monday, August 22 at 9 p.m.

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