Why are AGT fans “confused” after human ventriloquist Emily Bland’s performance in Episode 10?


NBC AGT returned with an all-new entertaining episode on Tuesday night that featured the final auditions of this season. While viewers and judges have encountered many ventriloquists in previous seasons, this week’s opening act was a unique type of improvisational ventriloquism that many have never seen or heard of before. It was so surprising that it not only left viewers confused, but judge Simon Cowell as well.


Episode 10 of AGT, title The hearings end and judge the deliberations, introduced viewers to Emily Bland. She took the stage like any other normal contestant, but would leave viewers shocked at the end of her performance.

The contestant mentioned that she worked as a receptionist at a hotel and made the judges laugh heartily from the start. Due to her sense of humor, they assumed she was a comedienne. But the AGT The candidate revealed that she was auditioning as a singer. When they asked her who her inspiration was, Emily revealed that it was Garth Brooks. While the judges were eager to see how she performed, they were stunned the moment she started singing.

Emily chose to sing Josh Turner Your man. But what surprised the judges was the tone of her voice. Even though it was Emily singing, she sounded like original singer Josh Turner. Judges Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell were amazed. They had a hard time figuring out if it was Emily singing.

The song quickly came to an end, and when the judges asked her how it went, she responded with Josh’s voice, saying she thought it went well. The judges were once again stunned. Before they could tell her anything else, Emily’s husband joined her on stage and the judges were able to piece things together.

The judges figured out that it was Emily’s husband singing, and the AGT competitor was his human dummy. This made them a duo of human ventriloquists. The judges were so busy they asked her to lip sync what they were saying, and Emily didn’t miss a beat when it came to one of the judges.

Hiedi Klum tried to discourage her by speaking in German, but Emily also succeeded, even though she didn’t speak the language. The judges were immediately impressed by the AGT competitor. Howie, Heidi and Sofia gave him a yes.

But Simon was so stunned that he was puzzled. He ended up saying he was throwing a question mark at her, saying it was the first time he was so confused he couldn’t make a decision.

Emily received three definite yeses and moved on to the next round of competition. However, it remains to be seen if she will move on to live shows.

Fans who watched the episode were as confused as Simon was and took to social media to share their thoughts on the performance.

Fans left confused after Emily Bland’s ventriloquist performance in AGT season 17 episode 10

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that they were confused. However, many felt that her performance was interesting and unique.

This act is interesting. #AGT

Expect! Actually…this one is pretty unique…I always hate singers. #AGT

Holy smoke! It was unexpected! #AGT

Wow I didn’t expect this first act of the night #AGT

AGT airs every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET only on NBC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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