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Cyan Header Coming-of-Age Drama CodaWinning the highest first prize in sun dance history not only made the audience cry, but also made them laugh.

This film is the story of a high school student who is the only hearing impaired person in the Deaf family and who is torn between building the unit or seeking his dream.

Emilia Jones played the role of a hearing-impaired child busy translating CODA Ruby Rossi, or her parents (Oscar winners Marlee Matlin and Troy Kozzar) and working on a family fishing boat.

Header said Candidate London Audiences found the film interesting as an example of a scene where Frank Rossi from Kotzur and Jackie Rossi from Matrin had to go to the doctor for “Tinea cruris” and their daughter had to say what they didn’t. could not do. Two weeks of sex during the event, she is delighted.

“I found another way to swear,” Heder added.

The writer / director initially said it was “suspect” as it was based on a 2014 French film, but quickly made a “personal” film and a film exploring deaf culture in a “real way”. I realized this was a “great opportunity”.

She admitted that she felt pressured as a “stranger” coming into the community, but writing in an unwritten language allowed her to “deepen her scripts in a very powerful way.”

Sundance Review: Opening Film “CODA” with Oscar-winning Actress Marlee Matlin

Apple original movie

Header praised the performance of Jones and Matrin and called the latter a “great collaborator”. Choosing Jones, she said she couldn’t wait to cast a real young man because she was fed up with seeing a 28-year-old playing a teenager in a movie or TV series. “I also wanted someone who could catch the cod.”

Apple paid a record $ 25 million to get the film after its first day at Sundance. There he received the Ensemble Cast Special Jury Prize, the Director’s Award, the Audience Award, and the American Drama Competition’s Grand Jury Prize.

Check back on Monday for the panel video.

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“CODA” Writer-Director Sian Heder Video Interview-Contenders London-Deadline

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