The 10 Favorite Shows of a TV Writer



A few days later, I considered Phil Dunphy et al. close personal friends.

Since, Modern family gave me a feeling of joy that I can’t even explain properly. It just makes me happy and warm. It’s like a hug.

Modern family is streaming on Binge and Foxtel.

Honorable mentions:

Sorry. I’m a foodie, and it’s fun.

Here are some of the shows that would make my top 15-20, if that were the case, and which also hold a special place in my heart:


I wrote this whole article with Succession on my top 10 list, until I realized I had actually listed 11 shows. Math is not a strong point.

Succession is already a modern classic in my mind. Funnier, the 2020s Mad Men, this will likely make the list for real over time.

Succession is the kind of show where you know you should hate everyone. On second thought, you probably hate them all. But when you are immersed in their world, you are having too good a time to notice it.

All of this, presented with devastating lines and the most cynical tones, makes it the most compelling new show I’ve watched in years.

Orange is the new black.

Until the death of * spoiler * Poussay and the trial of Taystee, because these two were the heart of the show and deserved so much better !!!!!



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