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Thursday (October 22) evening at 8 a.m., Comedy Central further operates the Phenomenon Jeff Dunham.

This time it’s a series regular, for which the ventriloquist Dunham takes his dummy characters – Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter, Bubba J, Peanut – off the stage and into the real world.

Ahmed, Jeff Dunham.

“People saw the show on stage,” Dunham told the recent Television Critics Association.

TV tour

at Hollywood. “They’ve seen the characters and I’m talking about our lives off the stage. We make the jokes on stage, but some of the biggest laughs that I noticed we got was when the characters were talking about what they were doing before or after the show or during the week or whatever.

“So when we started putting on a show we thought, you know what? Why not put this into reality? So you see what you get on stage, but now let’s take the audience where they only hear about it.

“So the way the show is actually going to work is that we’re going to have a live studio audience, 300 people or whatever, and we will present the show from there, and then we will throw these plays, these field plays, that we put out. and let’s shoot, and we take the characters and put them in real life situations. “

Dunham’s real life is enviable, at least from the perspective of other stand-up comics.

According to Comedy Central, he is the third highest paid comedian in America, behind Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. His characters are YouTube sensations. Its 2008 Christmas special for Comedy Central drew a record number of viewers for the network, which is also home to critically-favorite titles like “South Park”, “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”.

“Our audiences want more Dunham, and we’re giving it to them,” said Lauren Corrao, then head of programming at Comedy Central, now.


. “It’s good to be in the Jeff Dunham business. “

It’s good to be Jeff Dunham, period. And it all started with a Christmas morning gift from a

Mortimer Snerd


Dunham, now 47, was 8 at the time and has never looked back.

“I never had a real regular job,” said Dunham. “It’s all I’ve ever done. My parents have always been a great support. I never even considered doing anything else.

“It’s just this really interesting, great and fun race. But I never doubted that was what I was going to do, and I don’t want to do anything else. Never had. Never will be. “The only time my parents questioned it was I was in college, and my dad said – it was like my freshman year, and I was traveling all over the state of Texas, driving everyone my concerts and still doing the college thing – – my dad said to me, ‘You know our friends come over to us, and they say, you know, their daughter Julie is going to be a neurophysicist and such a said he was going to be a criminal lawyer, and we have to tell them, ‘Well, Jeff still has his puppet show.’ ‘

“It was the only time Dad questioned anything.”

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