Washington Post Writer Says Indian Food Has Only One Spice In SHOCKING “Racist” Claim



When Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten wrote a column about the different types of food he doesn’t like to eat, he expected some sort of reaction, but not what he got. As soon as he shared the column on Twitter, he was criticized for criticizing Indian cuisine. Not only that, he also earned the label of a racist.

Even reality TV star and ‘Top Chef’ judge Padma Lakshmi wrote to criticize her column and wrote, “What is this white nonsense?” adding: “Is this really the type of colonizer ‘hot take’ that the @washingtonpost wants to release in 2021 – sardonically characterizing curry as ‘a spice’ and all Indian cuisine is based on it?”


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Weingarten took to Twitter to share his article titled “Gene Weingarten: You Can’t Make Me Eat These Foods.” He wrote the tweet: “This will be my most hated column ever, and trust me, I was hated a LOT.”

In no time, the reviews started pouring in. “You are actually wrong about Indian cuisine. To say that Indian cuisine only uses one spice is foolish. Indian cuisine uses a lot more spices than any other cuisine. Cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, fennel, cardamom, nutmeg, a variety of peppers, tamarind, and the list goes on and on, “said one user for the benefit of the writer. Along the same lines, another added, “[email protected] think Indian food is terrible because it is based entirely on one spice. Which is basically the opposite of the truth. “

Soon, as Lakshmi pointed out, the issue became political. “This one-spice nonsense is a National Front propaganda argument, is the WaPo literally promoting white nationalist discourse now?” Another user wrote: “I just stopped following Gene. This will go down in history as a blatant example of anti-Indian racism published by the Washington Post.” Another user wrote: “First Indian cuisine is not a monolith. Spice profiles and preparations vary from region to region. You’ve established that your palate is used to bland. You could have been. say it’s just too much flavor for you. But no, you went straight to racism. Ouch. “

For those who don’t understand how and why the column is racist, this user’s tweet sums it up. “Most South Asian kids growing up in America have heard racist comments about the smell and taste of our food. For us, that only echoes those racist comments and is not funny at all. You are just paraphrasing our tyrants and that is why it is harmful. ” Another wrote: “Nobody cares that you don’t like it. It’s ignorance to say it’s ‘a spice’ and assume all Indian food is ‘curry’ rubbed people the wrong way. A diverse country filled with so many different kinds of food cannot be summed up by a colonizing word like curry! “

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